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SERTEC 2024 Competitions

Competitions will occur on Thursday, May 9th, and Friday, May 10th, 2024. There are no pre-recorded preliminary rounds for any of the competitions, but you must pre-register for SERTEC by May 1st, 2024. For the ensemble competition, all members must register as competitors. 

ELIGIBILITY: All SERTEC competitions are open to contestants of every race, gender, and nationality. Each contestant must be a member of ITEA at the time of the live rounds of the competition. Competitors must be registered and present at SERTEC 2024 held May 9-11, 2024 at Middle Tennessee State University in Murfreesboro, TN. Competitions will begin on Thursday, May 9th, 2024 BEFORE the official start of the conference, with finals being held the morning of Friday, May 10th. Previous ITEC winners and other regional conference competition winners (including past SERTEC competitions) may not enter the same category again. However, they may enter a different category. Second and third-place winners are eligible to re-enter the same category again. No performers who are also presenting as Guest Artists or Presenters at SERTEC may also compete in competitions. Entrants/competitors must never have held a full-time professional position as a performer (musician on any instrument). Winners of the solo and ensemble categories may be expected to perform in a winner's concert during the conference. Competitors must use the assigned SERTEC pianists; no guest pianists will be allowed. Finalists for the solo competition must be prepared for rehearsals with pianists beginning the afternoon/evening of Thursday, May 9th, 2024.


AGE REQUIREMENTS: Contestants for the Student Level solo competitions must not have reached their 20th birthday as of May 9th, 2024. There is no age limit for the Artist division solo competitions or for any of the other competitions.


APPLICATION FEES AND DEADLINES: Each contestant must register through an online application and pay an entrance fee of $35.00 (USD) for the individual competitions. The entrance fee for the ensemble category is $35.00 (USD) per member of the performing group. Contestants who wish to enter more than one competition must submit a separate application fee for each competition. If any competition does not receive enough entries to be a viable competition, the competition will be canceled and all fees will be refunded. ALL competitors must pre-register for SERTEC by May 1st, 2024.

1st Round (unaccompanied):

Triumph of the Demon Gods by John Stevens (Manduca Music Publications)
  – AND –
Partita In A Minor, BWV 1013, “Allemande” ONLY by J. S. Bach/Russell John Tinkham (Cimarron Music Press)

Final Round (with piano):

Tuba Concerto, Mvt. 2 ONLY by Jennifer Higdon (Lawdon Press)

1st Round (unaccompanied):

Rock Hopper by Gail Robertson (Cimarron Music Press)
  – AND –
The Hispanic Euphonium by Eduardo Nogueroles (Potenza Music Publishing) NOTE: Requires compensating 3rd slide to be removed)

Final Round (with piano):

Concerto for Euphonium, Mvt. 1 “Fantasy” ONLY by Martin Ellerby (Studio Music Company)
  – AND –
Sonatina for Euphonium and Piano, Mvt. 3 ONLY by Etienne Crausaz (Editions BIM)

1st Round (unaccompanied):

The Mechanicals by Edmund Joliffe (Cimarron Music Press)

Final Round (with piano):

Tennessee Journey by Barbara York (Cimarron Music Press)


1st Round Round (unaccompanied):

Quatrille by Dario Argentesi (Cimarron Music Press)
  – AND –
Euph’tudes No.13 “Slowly & singing–a la Grainger” ONLY by Phil Snedecor (PAS Music)

Final Round (with piano):

African Sky by Andrea Hobson (self-published)
  – AND –
Sonata in F, Mvts. 1 & 2 ONLY by Benedetto Marcello/Adam Frey (


Euphonium Mock Band Excerpts PDF


1st Round:

  1. Pineapple Poll - Sullivan/Mackerras 

  2. Roman Carnival Overture - Berlioz/Safranek

  3. Marche Hongroise- Berlioz/ Bowlin 

  4. Flag of Stars - Jacob 

  5. Boys of the Old Brigade - Chambers 

  6. Pines of Rome - Respighi/Duker 


Final Round(s) - Prepare 1st round excerpts plus the following:

  1. March from Symphonic Metamorphosis - Hindemith/Wilson 

  2. Fantasy Variations - Barnes 

  3. A Step Ahead - Alford 

  4. Shenandoah - Ticheli 

  5. Alte Kameraden - Teike 

  6. Theme and Variaions, Op. 43a, Var V - Schoenberg

  7. Russian and Ludmilla - Glinka/Henning

  8. Aegean Festival Overture - Makris/Bader


Tuba Orchestral Excerpts PDF

1st Round:

  1. Wagner: Overture to Die Meistersinger, rehearsal J – first measure of rehearsal L

  2. Prokofiev: Symphony #5, 1st movement, rehearsal 3 – rehearsal 6

  3. Wagner: Ride of the Valkyries, pick-up to rehearsal 11 - 5th measure of rehearsal 12

  4. Mahler: Symphony #1, 3rd movement, 7 measures after rehearsal 2 – rehearsal 4

  5. Berlioz: Hungarian March, rehearsal 4 - 2nd measure of rehearsal 5


Final Round(s) - Prepare 1st round excerpts plus the following:

  1. Berlioz: Symphonie Fantastique, 1st tuba, mvmt. 4, Rehearsal 56 to end & Mvmt. 5

  2. Bruckner: Symphony #7, 4th movement, rehearsal P – rehearsal S

  3. Gershwin: An American in Paris, 6 measures before rehearsal 68 – downbeat of 68

  4. Hindemith: Symphonic Metamorphosis, 2nd movement (Turandot), 5th measure of rehearsal L - 2nd measure of rehearsal P; 3 measures before rehearsal R – rehearsal T

  5. Holst: Planets, Jupiter, 9 measures before rehearsal 1 – 3 measures after rehearsal 1; 4 measures after rehearsal 11 – 9 measures after rehearsal 11; 8 measures before rehearsal 17 – 8 measures after rehearsal 17

  6. Respighi: Fountains of Rome, pick-up to rehearsal 11 – 1st measure of rehearsal 14

  7. Revueltas: Sensemaya, rehearsal 2 – rehearsal 11; rehearsal 33 to end

  8. Strauss: Ein Heldenleben, rehearsal 8 – downbeat of rehearsal 9; rehearsal 62 - 2nd measure of rehearsal 65; 1 measure before rehearsal 74 - 2nd measure of 75 (no mute required)

  9. Stravinsky: Petroushka (1911) rehearsal 100 – rehearsal 101


Ensembles must be comprised of 3-6 members and cannot include a conductor. A minimum of two members must play tuba or euphonium. Each member of the ensemble must perform on all pieces during the competition. Repertoire is to be chosen by the competitors within the guidelines listed below. There are no age restrictions, but professional ensembles (or ensembles with one or more professional members) may not enter. It is desirable to show contrasting styles and tempi during each round. Ensembles will be judged on the quality of ensemble performance; it is to the benefit of each group to choose repertoire that will best display group musicianship.


1st Round:

Prepare at least 8 minutes but not more than 10 minutes of music. Include the following:

-One arrangement of a renaissance, baroque, classical, or romantic work, partial or complete. 

-One original work composed for the instrumentation of the group.

Final Round:
12 minutes of music maximum. Include the following:

-Three contrasting works - complete or partial - one of which may be an original work composed for the instrumentation of the group. One work from preliminary round may be repeated. The finals will take place in front of an audience.


Rules and Regulations
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Artist Euphonium
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